About Us

KJ POWER GENERATOR started its production journey in generator sector in 1996 with the brand of “Kürkçüoğlu Generator” and had become one of the prominent companies in the global generator market.

KJ Power Generator manufactures diesel generator sets using the world's distinguished engine and alternator brands in its production facility located nearby Sabiha Gokcen International Airport at Pendik-Kurtkoy, Istanbul.

After the production of Sound Insulation Canopies, Transfer Panels and Synchronization Systems, dying and baking processes in the sheet metal machining departments where high-tech machines are located; the generator sets that have completed the coupling process become ready for delivery.

KJ Power Generator, exporting 70% of its produced generators to more than 90 countries, with the superior performance that has been shown in after-sales services of the generators that it sells both in Turkey and abroad, always give praise to its name in the sector.

KJ POWER GENERATOR, with the production of generator sets of 7kVA-2500kVA power range, fulfills the energy requirements of distinguished institutions of the public sector and the leading companies of construction, petroleum, banking, telecommunication, food, health, education sectors. KJ Power Generator, through its trained and expert staff, produces diesel generator sets and offers to its customers that are proper for operating in all climate conditions with high performance, in its assembly lines equipped with the high-grade devices that it owns. Since the start of the activity in 1996, KJ Power Generator who made the unconditional customer satisfaction and quality as a principle, has been performing, very punctiliously, all required function, performance and safety tests of all of the products that it manufactures, at all stages of production from access controls to end product controls by its expert quality control staff.

KJ Power Generator, evidencing proving its management systems by the worldwide accepted certificates of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, has put its products, manufactured in accordance with the standards of Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and CE, into the domestic and abroad markets with ” KJ POWER GENERATOR” trademarks certified by Turkish Patent Institute; and has the honor of being the generator supplier of many public institutions and outstanding global brands.

Reviewing its aims targets and policies periodically KJ Power Generator raises its quality bar day by day via its modernization studies performed within the scope of its continuous improvement aim and takes firm steps forward to be a global brand.

Our Vision
To become a well-known and reliable company in power system field in Turkey and around the world, always looking for better, increasing to increase its market share continuously, moving to move forward without sacrificing quality, to give value its employee and customers.

Our Mission
To keep particular importance on customer satisfaction and increase business volume by expanding product range while creating new jobs. To become an innovative and progressive company values human and customers by developing the qualifications of its employees.

Our Goal
To become one of the most well-known brands in the world soon.

Environment, Health, and Safety Policy
KJ Power Generator, accepting the assurance of products, services and environmental quality as the fundamental activity principle, has adopted the continuous improvement of environmental performance over time as company culture, by taking into account occupational health and safety in the present and planned production activities to ensure economic and ecological balance.

  • Following up To ensure follow – up and implementation of current occupational health/safety and environmental legislation,
  • The economical use and recycling of raw materials and energy resources by protecting natural resources while not affecting product quality
  • The minimization of pollutants, which are likely to be given to the environment and arising from the activities of all the company
  • To keep open the practices for inspection by the public on environment
  • The continuous training of our employees on occupational safety/health and environmental issues for awareness
  • The minimization of hazards and risks that may occur from circumstances and sources
  • The periodical review and continuous improvement of our goal and policy are the issues we are emphasizing.