Other Products

Soundproof Canopy and Trailer

Soundproof Canopy

  • Special design minimizing sound level
  • Easy demountable modular design
  • Internal type, thermal insulating special sound absorbing system
  • Electrostatic paint for resistance against corrosion
  • Heat resistant, non-combustible, rot resistant, acoustic material
  • Unique design and color options based on customer demand


  • Single and double axle options
  • Pulsed mechanical brake and hand brake
  • Durable polywood floor
  • Low angle ramp consisting of a single or double piece
  • Hot-dip galvanized stainless or electrostatic powder painted chassis
  • Proper design for highway traffic legislation

Synchronization Systems

Synchronization systems are built by combaining number of parallel generating sets to reduce investment, maintenance and operating cost for the places need high amounts of power.

Advantages of synchronization systems

  • Synchronized generating sets have lower costs than a single genset which has same power rate
  • In case of fault condition, other generating sets can keep supplying power for emergency loads
  • During summer time and vacation period when lower energy requirement needed, fuel consumption can be reduced by deactivating redundant synchronized genset

KJ Power Generator meets with its customer demands through following various type of synchronization systems.

  • Continuously running synchronized generating sets
  • Synchronization systems for backup solutions for mains
  • Single or multiple synchronized generating sets with mains
  • Backup generating set synchronized with mains or uninterrupted transmission systems between multiple generating sets
  • Synchronization systems with remote control and monitoring by SCADA system

KJ Power Generator analysis its customer requirements correctly and provides great advantages by cost-efficient synchronization systems.