Power and Ground Detection

Experienced and cheerful sales team of KJ Power Generator, having also served in the area of retail trade for long years, provide service to its clients on engineering services like power and ground detection for free of charge, and offer economical and long life solutions. 

After Sales Services - Authorised Services

KJ Power Generator, through its dynamic and solution-oriented After Sales Services Department, provides 7/24 continuous service and technical support to all of its domestic and abroad clients for installation, failure, overhaul and maintenance.

After Sales Services Department of KJ Power Generator, having service stations with Service Adequacy Certificate in many areas in the country, makes the necessary notices to its clients in terms of its long term operation. 

7/24 you can contact us: +90 530 476 85 03.
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KJ Power Generator gives cost free start up service for its all generating sets. Furthermore, offers free consulting service and provides turn-key solutions including cabling, room sizing, platform, assembing-disassembling, air conditioning etc. for safe, high performance and long-life generating sets.

Periodic Maintenance

In order to meet the needs with maximum performance in a long lasting and safe manner, it is needed to perform general controls within certain periods or run durations, and replace the consumables like filter, lubricant and antifreeze. 

In this context, KJ Power Generator’s service team and authorized services offer maintenance service for its own or other brands to operate more efficiently and to protect product values, in line with the requirements of its clients, by having a “Periodic Maintenance Agreement”.

Spare Parts

KJ Power Generator supplies spare parts for 10 years for its all generating sets. There is a wide range of parts stock to rapidly provide in 7/24. Supplying 10 years of spare parts is KJ Power Generator’s policy.


The most practical way of meeting immediate energy needs is to hire generators for locations without network or continuous power needed like fair, concert, and show.

In such cases, KJ Power Generator Renting Department finds quick, economical and quality solutions for its clients’ needs.